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Debt Structuring

We provide a holistic view on business and personal income with analysis on current business and investment performance.

Our insights range from detailing the optimal debt to equity for investments as well as solutions on restructuring and making new asset purchases.

Setting the correct debt structure should be the first step in the financing process and will make sure that investments are sustainable. Debt structuring is especially critical for customers who have debt spread across a number of entities within the same overall group.

Investment Analysis

Rent v Buy? Residential v Commercial Property? To pay a company dividend? Making the right investment decision can have a big impact on financial performance. Our brokers will assist you in making the right decisions and detailing the cost-benefit analysis for investments.

Business Forecasting

With economic and business conditions constantly changing a forward looking approach is centred around accurate forecasting.

Our approach to business forecasting involves historical revenue and cost analysis and deep industry insights to generate detailed scenario analysis for your business.

Interest rate types and repayments

Understanding interest rate types and repayments is important in the financing process and our advice on the best possible rate and repayment structure will go a long way in ensuring an optimal finance solution.

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