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Our Story

Our story begins in 2020, with a steep desire to assist businesses and households navigate through increasingly complex and volatile economic conditions.

Implementing Efficient Capital Solutions is all about using financing to set your business or household up for long term success.

Our strategies are designed based on an understanding of your unique situation, centred around the strengths of your business to achieve your goals.

Our Principles and Culture


Means being as accountable as our clients for the outcomes we achieve together.


Constantly striving to find the best outcome for our clients through challenging convention and rigorously testing the outer bounds of what is feasible.


Honesty, independence and “doing the right thing” are at the apex of everything we do.


Ability to share ideas and challenge one another’s logic.

Why Us

We focus on you and providing exceptional service to help you meet your needs. The service we provide extends to:

  • Customer Goals and Objectives we get to know the customers goals and objectives so that we can tailor an appropriate suite of facilities to match their needs. Goals will change over the financial life cycle and as this happens we adjust accordingly.
  • Value Add – for every scenario we look to value add and this goes beyond simply achieving the lowest overall interest rate. When analysing a new scenario we look for ways to add value to the customer, this can include; recommending finance structure changes, ways to improve your borrowing capacity or business services such as forecasting.
  • Long Term relationship – we forge long standing relationships with our customers which means minimal disruption when there are changes to banks or bankers. We implement a proactive contact calling plan and assist with ongoing reviews.
  • Panel of Lenders – we are part of the Finsure group and have access to 50+ business, residential and equipment finance lenders. Our brokers regularly maintain contact with members of the panel to ensure that the best lender is selected every time.
  • Free Service – in most cases our services are free as we are remunerated by the lender. If there is a need to charge fee for service this is disclosed up front.

Our Customer Focused Approach

We focus on you and providing exceptional service to help you meet your needs. The service we provide extends to:

Stage 1: Pre-application – During the pre-application stage, Efficient Capital Solutions will spend significant time in setting an appropriate structure for the borrower to ensure that any loan approval strikes a fair balance between pricing, conditions, and room for future growth.

Typical activities include:

  • Assess current financial position and provide opinion on current finance structure
  • Propose ongoing finance structure

Provide the borrower with a proposal that demonstrates the overall benefit of completing the transaction

  • Negotiate with lenders to attain the best possible combination of interest rate and fee structure

Stage 2: During application – Throughout the formal loan application process Efficient Capital Solutions will follow the application from end to end and act as the sole point of contact for the lender. ECS will answer any questions raised during the assessment and continue to negotiate on the approval during this stage.

Typical activities include:

  • Follow up with the bank regularly to ensure assessment in a timely manner
  • Answer any questions raised by the lender and in the first instance cover these off without interrupting the borrower
  • Negotiate on the final approval to ensure that restrictive conditions or covenants are not imposed

Stage 3: Post Approval and Ongoing Management – After the new facility is established Efficient Capital Solutions will continue to manage the relationship with the lender on behalf of the borrower. This will include assisting with annual review requirements, making sure pricing remains within the market and identifying opportunities to amend facilities in the favour of the borrower.

Typical activities include

  • Review established loan to ensure that it is set up in line with the approval and loan documents
  • Liaise with Bank to ensure transactional banking is set up correctly
  • Set up a review structure in line with the needs of the borrower,
  • Provide ad-hoc advice on the borrowers’ overall financial position including but not limited to;

*Offers in the market e.g. fixed rates or refinance rebates
*Market trends
*Business opportunities within the Efficient Capital Solutions network

Meet Our Team

Rohit Lakhotia

Finance Consultant & Broker

Joshua Martin

Finance Consultant & Broker


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